6848 Stone Rd Great Valley, NY
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Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging is an unforgettable place in a beautiful park like, country nature setting, where a group of family and friends can get-together away from the crowds to celebrate their special occasion...yet be near area activities and events all at the same time!
From  $375
Tannenbaum Chalet
Beds: 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Full Baths
Max Occupancy:12 Guest.
Tannenbaum Chalet Cabin: Sleeps 8-12 Guest For Family/ Friend Group Get-Togethers & Winter Ski Lodging...
From  $645
Mardi Gras Quad Chalet
Beds: 4 Bedrooms/ 4.5 Baths
Max Occupancy:24 Guest.
Mardi-Gras Quad Chalet: Sleeps 16-22 Guest for Family/ Friend Group Reunion Lodging, Winter Ski Lodging and Group Get-Together...
From  $875
Yoedler Trio Chalet
Beds: 8 Bedrooms/ 4 Full and 2 Half Baths
Max Occupancy:30 Guest.
Yoedler Trio Chalet: Sleeps 20-30 Guest For Group Reunion Lodging, Group Get-Togethers, Group Getaways & Ski...
From  $1520
Yoedler Quad Chalets
Beds: 12 Bedrooms/ 8 Full & 3 Half Baths
Max Occupancy: 54 Guest.
Yoedler Quad Chalets: Sleeps 40-52 Guests, for Family/ Friend Large Group Reunions, Group Get-Togethers, Group Getaways, Special Occasion Lodging, Area...
From  $1895
Stone Mountain Retreat Lodge
Beds: 15 Bedrooms/ 10 Full and 3 Half Baths
Max Occupancy:66 Guest.
Stone Mountain Lodge: Sleeps 40-65 People, For Family/ Friend Large Group Reunions, Group Get-Togethers, Special Occasion Lodging, Team and Group...
From  $1250
Tannenbaum Yoelder Chalets
Beds: 11 Bedrooms/ 6 Full & 2 Half Baths
Max Occupancy:42
Tannenbaum Yoedler Chalets Availability The Yoedler Quad Chalets consists of Two side by side on-site Chalet Cabin Homes (Lodge #1...

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