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Reservation/Lodging Policies

RESERVATIONS: Please take a moment to view our Chalet Lodge Rentals and  their corresponding Floor plans on our website that will best suit your group size and the needs of both you and your party prior to Reserving, as Each Rental does have a Maximum Occupancy Limit. “Check Availability Calendar” for each chalet rental to confirm that the rental(s) being reserved are available. Reservations should be made on-line in order to secure your reservations. Designate one person to be responsible for all payments and correspondence regarding your reservation. A Credit Card Payment [ 1/2 of your total stay] is Due at the time of booking to complete your reservation, with the remaining balance due 30 -60 days or less prior to  check-in to be paid with Certified Bank funds, same/ or different Credit Card. All reservations are automatically reserved at time of booking, providing, that the rental(s) being rented are available. Our office will also follow up with an email with additional lodging and rental information regarding your stay.   Rates posted do not include tax, a 8% Lodging surcharge/ bed tax will be added to your stay .
CANCELLATIONS: Can only be made by person responsible for the Original reservation. Inclement Weather conditions, Event cancellations of any type will not be an honored reason for cancellations. MINIMUM CANCELLATION PERIOD: All Rentals: The Tannenbaum Chalet Requires a 30 day minimum cancellation notice. The Mardi Gras Quad Chalet, Yoedler Trio Chalet and The Yoedler Quad Chalet(s) all Require a 60 Day Minimum Cancellation Notice. The Stone Mountain Lodge all (3) Chalets packaged together require a 90 Day Minimum cancellation Notice. Renter will be refunded all received payments Less a 20% administrative charge/ Cancellation Fee, on any reservations canceled BEFORE the Minimum Cancellation time period ends (same applies to rental down sizing). Renter is responsible for all reserved rental(s) rates and dates; regardless of your actual arrival or departure time on any cancellations made AFTER the minimum cancellation time period, this will result in forfeiture of all rents and fees due as per the original reservation.  A written/or emailed cancellation notice is also required at the time of any cancellation(s) by the original Renter, in order for any credits to be refunded. LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS 0f 30 days or less require payment in full at time of Booking, and are non-refundable.
CHECK-IN REQUIREMENTS / KEYS: Person responsible for reservation(s) should be present at time of check-in and arrive during our Standard check-in hours of: 4pm-7pm, and present a Valid photo ID and the original credit card used to make Reservation for the Chalet Keys. Guest arriving AFTER our standard check-in hours Ends / or another Guest checking in should first make Prior arrangements with owners for Chalet Keys.
EARLY CHECK-IN: Early check-ins before 4:00 are Discouraged but may be available, providing that Owners are fully able to make accommodations available. An hourly fee for All rentals are charged on any early check-ins or late Check-out requests, rates depends on your chalet lodge(s) reserved.
STANDARD CHECK-OUT TIME: IS AT 11:00 am!!  KEYS: Please Lock all windows and doors upon Departure and Return all Rental Keys Back to us personally or place them  on the dining table prior to departing.  No one is permitted back into any previously rented rentals(s) once checked out! Guest are responsible for the cost of a new lock replacement fee of $40 00 due to any unreturned, misplaced or lost keys.
LATE CHECK-OUT: Please be advised: All late check-outs Not Scheduled with us in writing, will automatically have the same Lodging Rates applied to your credit card security deposit on any Chalet Home(s) / or Lodge Rentals still being occupied After our standard check-out time Ends:  At 11:00 am sharp, an additional half day stay of rental  is automatically charged to your security deposit at the current web posted rate.

CREDIT CARD SECURITY DEPOSIT: Are Refundable: *Charges to your credit card may include but are not limited to, any requested items not included with your stay, late check-outs, pet(s), extra guest, lost or stolen items, damage, carpet cleaning due to excessive use or stains, any evidence of indoor smoking, any additional cleaning beyond our standard cleaning service, pet damages, the presence/or any evidence of unauthorized animal(s) or any other irregularities recognized by the owners of Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging or operators, during or after your departure. For the safety of our properties, our policy on unreported damage is very strict and may involve collection agencies and/or criminal prosecution. Please report any damage or incident to owners immediately, prior to your departure so that the situation may be handled without third party involvement.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Please choose a chalet rental(s) that will best accommodate your maximum group size and abide by the maximum guest occupancy Limits for the Chalet Reserved. This limit applies to all adults and children over the age of 2. Any guest exceeding the rental(s) maximum occupancy Limit inside or out, day or night can be evicted without any refund and are subject to Extra charges of $40 nightly/ per additional guest, as well as charges to rental (s) Security Deposit for any damages or additional cleaning. Our policy requires that for rental(s) with a posted or quoted maximum guest amount are for the amount of people indicated. Due to our guests and owner’s liability, unregistered guests or persons over your agreed on amount are not allowed on any premises or property of Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging without prior written approval from owners. Any unregistered persons over the maximum rental amount allowed, will be asked to leave the premises.

GUEST ON-SITE PICNIC PAVILION: OCCUPANCY/USAGE RULES: The ON-Site Guest Picnic Pavilion can be made available for your group Get together with Prior arrangements and Lodge Owners Approval. Pavilion use applies to reservations of our Larger Rentals, the Stone Mountain Lodge, Yoedler Quad Chalets, Yoedler Trio .** Extra & additional Offsite Guests are charged a additional fee of $20.00 per extra person per day and an additional $40 per person for overnight stays.
All extra vehicles are charged $10.00 per car/per day over the reserved rentals maximum vehicle parking limit.
** The Pavilion Barn  can be Reserved for each day of your stay for a  separate rental fee of $250.00 per day for non Special Events Gatherings  ie: Family Reunions , Graduations, Revivals .*( when available and weather permitting).

WEDDINGS /SPECIAL ON-SITE EVENTS: Small private onsite wedding are permitted with Owners written permission prior to reserving/booking. Wedding / or Special Event Lodging Package’s starting from approximately $5000.00 depending on the amount of on-site wedding Guests. Special on-site events will have the lodges  10 acre Property use,  Pavilion  Barn and Wedding Gazebo use for the reservation rental period.
**On-Site Weddings require a minimum  of ( 2-3 day) reservation of the  12 Bedroom Yoedler Quad Chalets or the  15 bedroom Stone Mountain Lodge.

RESTRICTIONS: A Complete Detailed Listing of all Reserved Lodge Guests names in addition to all Vehicle’s being Parked On-site are Required prior to Check-in * NO EXCEPTIONS. Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging reserves the right to Restrict renting to any Guests who are under the ages of 18, unless Prior written arrangements have been made with Lodge Owners and written parental consent has been give provided. A Photo ID is required at time of check-in. Causes of Eviction:  Additional people Over the Reserved rental(s) Maximum Occupancy Limit, subletting or assigning of lease, Any activity constituting a Nuisance, which is offensive or disruptive or disrespectful to other Guests/Owners and or Management will Absolutely NOT In Anyway Be Tolerated, this will Result in Immediate Eviction with all  reservation deposits/monies forfeited. Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging Owners and management shall have the Exclusive Right to Gain Access to any reserved Rental and/or Premises during any Rental period, to make Any/all Necessary  Maintenance, Repairs/Inspections

PETS: Dogs are Welcome when mentioned at the time of booking, with A PET FEE OF $50 PER PET /PER STAY BEING APPLIED, PLUS A SEPARATE Refundable $250.00 SECURITY DEPOSIT is REQUIRED (* no cats or other animals are permitted at any time). PET RULES: Pets are Not Permitted on any furniture or bedding and are REQUIRED to be CRATED when left unattended for any length of time* Any Evidence of an unauthorized  pet/animal during or after your stay without prior writing written approval by owners will automatically be charged the $250 pet Cleaning fee and nightly fees Deducted from the RENTAL(S) security Deposit on file, as well as possible Loss of all Reservation/ Lodging Privileges at Renters Expense.

* CHALET RENTALS: All reserved Rental(s) are provided with a Sheet Set, blanket, comforter and 1- 2 pillows per each bed, however guests should also come Packing Any ADDITIONAL Linens, Blankets or Pillows that you will be requiring during your stay. Rentals are professionally cleaned just Prior to your arrival and After your Departure. Any additional cleaning services needed, are provided at an Extra charge and providing that advance Notice is given. Owners and operators will carefully examine each unit after your departure to ensure property is left in good order, with all contents being inventoried and accounted for. Guests, absolutely No removal of any furniture From one rental to another, ie; Should kitchenware be moved around due to Larger group rentals, please Return all items back to it’s original place Before your departure, due to the inconvenience to us and the Next incoming guests. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Renter(s) are responsible and will be charged for any of our missing, damaged or unusable, bath mats, linens, pillows, blankets and Comforters. Please, Do not strip beds upon your departure. If any appliances, heating, jetted tub, hot tub, Sat TV, does not work, Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging will Attempt to have it repaired. However, the Renter(s) will not be entitled to any kind of refund for any in-operative appliance or amenities.
NOTE: Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging and owners are Not responsible for articles Lost, Stolen or Left behind in any rental(s), any articles wanted Must be Retrieved  from our office in Person, by the Original renter within 7 days of your Departure date or they will be treated as discarded Items after this time. * It is the renters Sole responsibility to make All necessary arrangements with UPS/or Fed-Ex Delivery Services and check with our office for a Convenient Pick-Up time, of any wanted item(s).
* PHONES: Local phone service is provided Year round.
* FIREWOOD: Guests are permitted to bring firewood for fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Make sure chimney flue/damper is Open before starting a fire. Do Not Remove ashes from fireplace, Make Sure fire is completely out BEFORE leaving your rental(s). Any damages caused by misuse of fireplaces or wood stoves (i.e. burn marks on carpet or furniture, smoke damage, broken glass doors etc.) will be Charged to your security deposit accordingly.
SUMMER: An A/C window unit are provided per each level/floor. * Additional units may be available for a rental rate of $15 daily per each window unit. Any request for extra A/C rental(s) should be mentioned at the time of booking or PRIOR of your arrival date, in order for arrangements to be made to have it/or them preset in your rental(s) prior to your arrival..

PARKING:  Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging strictly prohibits parking of any oversize trucks , Campers, trailers, u-hauls, or buses at/or on any of our properties, without Prior written notice and a $50 daily fee  paid 1 week prior to your check-in date.** Renters / Guests are allocated a Specific Maximum Amount of Parking Spaces/Vehicle’s Depending on Chalet(s) Rented,  as well as the Overall Reserved Group Size ; additional parking spaces may be allotted with Lodge Owners prior permission for an additional daily fee. Additional Parking spaces may be available with a $10 parking fee per day per vehicle which is automatically charged to Credit Card on File or Deducted from the Refundable Security Deposit. Please inquire with our owners regarding  Our On-Site overflow parking areas prior to Checking in.
** PROM/ GRADUATION/ SPECIAL EVENT RENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Graduation, Prom, Bachelor, Bachelorette, School/ Sport Team Functions are all Welcomed.  Are Minimum age limit for Renter is 18, unless accompanied by a parent or adult Chaperone.  A minimum 2-3 night stay is  Required with A 50% cash, certified bank check, credit card, debt card reservation deposit Due at time of Booking.

GUESTS: For your safety and all other Guests, Sledding, Skiing, Snow Boarding and Sliding are not permitted on/or any “Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging” Properties including all Driveways and Parking area’s at any time. Management and property Owners can Not be held Responsible for any accidents/incidents what so ever of any type that may occur on any of our Properties or that may result from any reserved rental and/or lodging reservation. Absolutely NO Wearing of Ski Boots or Storage of any Ski Equipment, Ski’s, Snowboards  are permitted Inside any of our chalets. Ski and snow board storage is Only permitted on Chalets exterior deck. Stone Mountain Chalet Lodging/Owners in addition cannot be held Responsible for any Driveway, Parking Lot Conditions or for any Vehicle/Parking Lot Incidents That may Occur from any inclement Weather conditions.

SMOKING: Is permitted Outdoors ONLY, on your own private deck or covered porch. There is a “no smoking indoor policy” in all Stone Mountain Chalet rentals and our Guest Country Club House. Any Evidence of Indoor smoking will result in an automatic Charge of $250 for any additional cleaning services. This charge includes extensive cleaning of furnishings, walls, professional carpet cleaning, and deodorizing of unit(s) and will be billed to your credit card security deposit. No Exceptions!!
HOT TUB USE: Is limited to Our Independent 8 bedroom Chalet Homes & larger only; The Yoedler Trio, Yoedler Quad Chalet(s) and the Stone Mountain Lodge. Club house facilities are to be used at your own risk, Owners, Operators can not be held responsible for any Hot Tub use. Should Hot tub require additional Cleaning / drain/refilling during your stay an Optional Cleaning fee applies.

STONE MOUNTAIN CHALET LODGING OUTDOOR QUIET HOURS: Are ” Between the Hours of 10 pm-8am.” For the Benefit and Respect of all our Guests and Surrounding Neighbors, please keep All Noise and Loud activities down to a Minimum during these Quiet times. Any Repeated Requests to Maintain these Quiet hours, Will result in Persons and/or Groups Eviction from premises resulting in loss of all monies paid.
** ON SITE GUEST PICNIC PAVAVILION Closes Dailey at 10 pm Sharp!! No Exceptions

Please be Respectful of our Guests, neighborhood and surrounding neighbors, please drive all motor vehicles at Slow to Moderate speeds at all times and with Caution!!

No reservation booking fees.